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Flat Iron

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Why is it that when you get your hair straightened at the salon it feels and looks like silk? Besides the amazing products, that your hair wishes you treated it to at home, the type of flat iron really is key. Professional grade flat irons take less time and effort. 1-3 strokes max through the hair will get you completely smooth and free of frizz. Please, no more scorching your hair with your drug store flat irons. There is NO way to heal burnt hair…  So invest in a good iron! GHD is our flat iron of choice at Salon Renew. If you are interested in a new flat iron we would be more than happy to order one for you!

Volume Volume Volume

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Who wants volume? Practically everyone lets be honest. So here it is a step by step on natural volume, no Snooki bump, or Bump it needed. You will need a blow dryer, round brush and Velcro rollers (can be found at Sally’s, we like the ones that are all plastic not fuzzy).
1. Completely dry your hair with a paddle brush
2. Take a section the size of your roller (the cleaner the section the easier it is) toward the top of your head,use your round brush to heat up the section
3. While the hair is still warm roll in your roller starting from the ends
4. Repeat throughout your crown
5. Let your hair cool completely on the roller (do your make up, brush your teeth, or anything else that takes a couple min.)
6. Spray them lightly with hairspray
7. Take out the rollers and obsess over your hair. (While your taking it our don’t freak if it feels like it is stuck its just random hairs not from your section so take your finger and swipe under the roller to get those straggler hairs out of the way.)


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What is balayage?! How do you say it?! What is the difference between balayage and highlights? These are all questions Salon Renew has been asked and we want to get this info out ASAP!! First off, it's pronounced bah-lee-ahzge.

Balayage is a technique where highlights are hand painted giving a natural sun kissed look. This technique mimics the way that nature effects your hair. Think of the young girl with the perfectly sun lightened hair. That is the look that is achieved through balayage.  These highlights are mostly done without foils. This technique is great for someone that wants subtle dimension without the upkeep. Sounds perfect right?! Yes, but there are some things we must tell you…

Balayge is not what you want to ask for if you love the highlights starting at your scalp. In this case you will want to ask for normal foiled highlights. Also because this is a gentler option balayage can tend to have warmer tones.

Above all trust your stylist.  The balayage look can be achieved through different applications. Your stylist will know best if balayaging your hair is going to achieve the result that you are looking for.

Here are some Salon Renew examples!!