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   Curly haired gals, look no further, we have everything you need! Your hair can be the hardest and most frustrating to tame when you aren't using the right products and techniques. It can also be the most beautiful hair when you learn what works for you!

1. Killer Curls ($34.50)- Put this anti frizz cream all over wet hair to help define curls and control frizz.

2. Easy Rider ($27.00)- If you pair this with Killer Curls, frizz will no longer be in your vocabulary! Using the twirl technique, coat your palms in this frizz fighting cream (after Killer Curls) and define your curls by twirling random sized sections in different directions. Flip your head over and diffuse, voila perfectly defined, frizz free curls!

3. Shimmer Shine ($29.50) is one of our FAVORITE products for ANY hair type! It is full of vitamins A, D and E so every time you spray it you are treating your hair. This can be sprayed any time; wet hair, dry hair, clean hair, dirty hair (Dr. Seuss' new book?) and everything in between. We especially love it on our curly haired babes with their second day hair it adds vibrancy and tames down any crazy bed head! 

4. Young Again ($42.00) is the only oil you will ever use again. It is simple, your hair needs moisture to behave the way you want it to. This oil is perfect for everyday use.  It is lightweight and protects your hair against heat and the environment.

5. Texture Comb ($20.00) keeps those curls intact instead of brushing them out. The texture comb is designed to "neaten hair without frizzing". It was made for your curly hair.

6. Diffuser (if your dryer didn't come with one, we can get one to fit your dryer $20.00-$30.00)- This is an absolute must have. Your curly hair cannot live without this. Flip your wet head over and let the diffuser do its work. "Scrunch" your curls with the diffuser to get your hair to dry without frizz and tons of volume.

7. Hair Resort ($27.00) have you ever noticed you love your curls more when you are at the beach? This is basically beach hair in a bottle, not to mention is smells amazing. Spray this bottle of heaven in your dry hair to add soft natural texture.

8. Anti Gravity ($27.00) is such a versatile product. Spray this volumizer on your crown, before you dry, to make sure your curls don't get weighed down and form that dreaded "A" shape. 

9. Butterfly Clips ($1.00 each) there will be no more "A" shape when you learn how to use these clips the Salon Renew way. You can even let your hair air dry and you will have tons of volume! Want to know the trick? Schedule an appointment to find out!