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Obviously we are picky about the shampoo we use on ourselves. We don't want sulfates and parabens, and we want it to be all natural and smell great. So clearly we want the same for our babes. 

There are a lot of great baby shampoos out there and there are a lot that aren't so great. Being a mom is stressful and hard enough without trying to figure out what shampoo doesn't have cancer causing agents in them.

Let us help. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash is where its at!

It's paraben free, tear free, all natural and it smells GREAT! 

There are two deliciously smelling formulas. The Original formula smells like yummy baby mixed with creamy vanilla. The Calming formula smells like a sleepy baby mixed with sweet lavender. 

When Jamison uses the calming shampoo and wash, it completely knocks him out, so if you have a mild mannered baby or toddler we would suggest saving this formula for late night baths.


When Emyrson uses the calming formula it slightly slows down his energetic energy, so if you have a wild baby or toddler we recommend using this formula at all times of the day and night! 


After the bath we also drench our babes in the coordinating lotion. And since we have extra on our hand we may as well lotion up ourselves. So if you see us sneaking smells of our hands, it's safe to assume it was bath day! 

Happy baby bathing,  

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