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You better not be washing your hair everyday!

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"Don't wash your hair"  they say. "You'll get use to it" they say.   "It's good for your hair" they say. 

"But it's dirty" you say. "But I feel gross if I don't wash my hair everyday" you say. "My hair gets too oily" you say.  

We say, "suck it up!" Start this weekend. Wash your hair Friday, use Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo Sat and Sunday. If you can't stand it, make Sunday a wear your hair up day or a headband day or a hat day. Once you get those first three days out of the way you will be able to atleast go every other day without washing your hair. 

We want everyone to have the healthiest hair possible...this means you need to wash less. Our bodies produce oil that our hair needs! This doesn't mean you will have greasy hair. We promise.  In the end, you will be washing less, saving time, water and products. 

You can thank us later!