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You asked and we listened...We are beyond thrilled to announce we are now offering EXPRESS MANI'S 💅🏼!!  Get your nails done while your hair processes under the dryer 😯! Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone! 🙌🏼 You can also schedule a stand alone appointment!   Express Mani's Include:  •Cuticle push back and brush away (will not be cutting the cuticle, ask us why and we will explain) •Shape and buff nails •CND shellac  •Hand massage  Shellac polish- $30 Regular polish- $25  Call or text your Stylist or Salon Renew at (260)433-8047 to reserve your appointment. Ashlyn is our only nail tech so appointments are limited! 👍🏼👏🏼

You asked and we listened...We are beyond thrilled to announce we are now offering EXPRESS MANI'S 💅🏼!!  Get your nails done while your hair processes under the dryer 😯! Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone! 🙌🏼 You can also schedule a stand alone appointment! 

Express Mani's Include: 
•Cuticle push back and brush away (will not be cutting the cuticle, ask us why and we will explain)
•Shape and buff nails
•CND shellac
•Hand massage

Shellac polish- $30
Regular polish- $25

Call or text your Stylist or Salon Renew at (260)433-8047 to reserve your appointment. Ashlyn is our only nail tech so appointments are limited! 👍🏼👏🏼


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   Curly haired gals, look no further, we have everything you need! Your hair can be the hardest and most frustrating to tame when you aren't using the right products and techniques. It can also be the most beautiful hair when you learn what works for you!

1. Killer Curls ($34.50)- Put this anti frizz cream all over wet hair to help define curls and control frizz.

2. Easy Rider ($27.00)- If you pair this with Killer Curls, frizz will no longer be in your vocabulary! Using the twirl technique, coat your palms in this frizz fighting cream (after Killer Curls) and define your curls by twirling random sized sections in different directions. Flip your head over and diffuse, voila perfectly defined, frizz free curls!

3. Shimmer Shine ($29.50) is one of our FAVORITE products for ANY hair type! It is full of vitamins A, D and E so every time you spray it you are treating your hair. This can be sprayed any time; wet hair, dry hair, clean hair, dirty hair (Dr. Seuss' new book?) and everything in between. We especially love it on our curly haired babes with their second day hair it adds vibrancy and tames down any crazy bed head! 

4. Young Again ($42.00) is the only oil you will ever use again. It is simple, your hair needs moisture to behave the way you want it to. This oil is perfect for everyday use.  It is lightweight and protects your hair against heat and the environment.

5. Texture Comb ($20.00) keeps those curls intact instead of brushing them out. The texture comb is designed to "neaten hair without frizzing". It was made for your curly hair.

6. Diffuser (if your dryer didn't come with one, we can get one to fit your dryer $20.00-$30.00)- This is an absolute must have. Your curly hair cannot live without this. Flip your wet head over and let the diffuser do its work. "Scrunch" your curls with the diffuser to get your hair to dry without frizz and tons of volume.

7. Hair Resort ($27.00) have you ever noticed you love your curls more when you are at the beach? This is basically beach hair in a bottle, not to mention is smells amazing. Spray this bottle of heaven in your dry hair to add soft natural texture.

8. Anti Gravity ($27.00) is such a versatile product. Spray this volumizer on your crown, before you dry, to make sure your curls don't get weighed down and form that dreaded "A" shape. 

9. Butterfly Clips ($1.00 each) there will be no more "A" shape when you learn how to use these clips the Salon Renew way. You can even let your hair air dry and you will have tons of volume! Want to know the trick? Schedule an appointment to find out!


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Not all lash extensions are created equal. Don't waste your time and money on ones that don't last and quite frankly don't look good.


Common Questions

How long do they last❓Our individual lashes last 3-4 weeks before you need a fill.

Will I have any false lashes at the 3-4 week mark❓You will still have a significant amount of lashes but they need maintained.

How much are they❓The initial set is $200 and then the fill appointments are $50 if it's within 3-4 weeks.

Do they hurt my natural lashes❓No. Not unless you pull them off. If you would like them removed we have a special remover that dissolves the glue without hurting your natural lash.

How are they applied❓One synthetic or mink lash is attached to one of your natural lashes.

How long does it take❓The first appointment takes 2-2.5 hours. The fills take 1 hour.

Are you sitting durning the appointment❓No, you lay on a facial bed and most people take a little snooze.

Who does it❓Cayla, our license esthetician.

Can I tell her how I want them to look❓Absolutely, we have all different lengths and thicknesses so she can create the look you are after (within reason). There will always be a consultation before your first appointment.

Will I need mascara❓No! The lashes are black so you don't need mascara (except if you want it on the bottom lashes).

Will I need to curl them❓Nope, they have a beautiful curl on their own.

Can you do them on the bottom❓ No.

Can you do a partial❓No.

Will it change your life❓💯

Our trip to NYC... 2 months later

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Better late than never, we went to NYC two months ago. It was for work. Well let's be honest, it was mostly play and a smidgen work!

We started out the trip finding a fingernail in Katy's rice crispy treat. Yes, you read that right, a fingernail. A pinky fingernail. Needless to say, Katy opted out of digesting another humans DNA and trashed the treat. Not the best way to start , but we didn't let that get us down!

Once we arrived in The City, we asked our Uber driver what time stores close, he laughed (and thought "poor farm folk") and said the stores don't close. We all heard the 'Hallelujah Chorus' (fast forward to us shopping at the Disney Store at 2am)!


Our first stop was Shake Shack where we devoured our food and shared a couple desserts, our favorite was the Jelly Donut Sunday. From there we hopped on a double decker tour bus to see NYC! We loved our tour guide, he was so knowledgeable and fun. Every other time we got on a bus with a different guide we were missing our original!

That night was a first for all of us, we went to see the Broadway show, Kinky Boots! We thought we might as well live it up and get a drink, $30 later... for one drink. Yikes! Regardless, we all were picking our jaws up off the floor when the show ended. We were pretty much ready to get on the stage and join the cast. We were so jazzed up and impressed, we went to see Aladdin on Broadway the following evening. Can you say obsessed?


The next day we had a fun filled day doing touristy things. We toured the NBC studios. It was so cool standing in the Jimmy Fallon studio and the Saturday Night Live studio, just to name a few. After that we made our way to the Statue of Liberty. We wouldn't suggest waiting to go to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in August 90 degree heat, packed as tight as sardines with stinky people. Talk about sweat. We were drenched. That aside, it was truly amazing. We got to go up in the pedestal, the view up there was spectacular. We couldn't go up in the crown because the tickets were sold out. Our perspiration was totally worth seeing Lady Liberty and her universal symbol of freedom.


Our last full day in New York was spent at an incredible class. To say we were enthralled would be an understatement. We had second row seats and the 5 hour class ended up lasting 7.5! The 3 instructors were all knowledgeable in their individual topics. We came back with so many techniques, tips and tricks. The best part, tons and tons of useable information. The class exceeded our expectations and was worth our trip.


Our parting day, we went to get the most delicious macaroons at Laduree's and then we went to... drum roll please... the Alexi and Ani store. Well, we blacked out. We lost a whole hour of our life and we have no idea where it went. We do know that we bought some amazing new jewelry! Because of our "black out" we were running very VERY behind. Our sweet Uber driver was frantically weaving in and out of traffic to try and get us to our flight on time. We all had stomach aches, we were so nervous! We made it to our flight, but our connection was a bit of a different story. We were just having a leisurely lunch in O'Hare and we thought we might as well take our half eaten lunch and make our way to the gate. We get to our gate and it's a ghost town. The entire plane was loaded and they were waiting on us!! The whole flight was mad at us. They were glaring and they wouldn't talk to us. Plus we had stinky food that smelled really good. They hated us. We must have gotten confused on the times. Oh well, we made it home and we had full bellies.

All in all, we laughed harder than we ever have. We saw some pretty amazing things. And came home full of excitement and a head full of new techniques to use on all of our wonderful clients. See you soon NYC!✌🏼️

Babes of Salon Renew

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Obviously we are picky about the shampoo we use on ourselves. We don't want sulfates and parabens, and we want it to be all natural and smell great. So clearly we want the same for our babes. 

There are a lot of great baby shampoos out there and there are a lot that aren't so great. Being a mom is stressful and hard enough without trying to figure out what shampoo doesn't have cancer causing agents in them.

Let us help. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash is where its at!

It's paraben free, tear free, all natural and it smells GREAT! 

There are two deliciously smelling formulas. The Original formula smells like yummy baby mixed with creamy vanilla. The Calming formula smells like a sleepy baby mixed with sweet lavender. 

When Jamison uses the calming shampoo and wash, it completely knocks him out, so if you have a mild mannered baby or toddler we would suggest saving this formula for late night baths.


When Emyrson uses the calming formula it slightly slows down his energetic energy, so if you have a wild baby or toddler we recommend using this formula at all times of the day and night! 


After the bath we also drench our babes in the coordinating lotion. And since we have extra on our hand we may as well lotion up ourselves. So if you see us sneaking smells of our hands, it's safe to assume it was bath day! 

Happy baby bathing,  

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You better not be washing your hair everyday!

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"Don't wash your hair"  they say. "You'll get use to it" they say.   "It's good for your hair" they say. 

"But it's dirty" you say. "But I feel gross if I don't wash my hair everyday" you say. "My hair gets too oily" you say.  

We say, "suck it up!" Start this weekend. Wash your hair Friday, use Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo Sat and Sunday. If you can't stand it, make Sunday a wear your hair up day or a headband day or a hat day. Once you get those first three days out of the way you will be able to atleast go every other day without washing your hair. 

We want everyone to have the healthiest hair possible...this means you need to wash less. Our bodies produce oil that our hair needs! This doesn't mean you will have greasy hair. We promise.  In the end, you will be washing less, saving time, water and products. 

You can thank us later!  

Flat Iron

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Why is it that when you get your hair straightened at the salon it feels and looks like silk? Besides the amazing products, that your hair wishes you treated it to at home, the type of flat iron really is key. Professional grade flat irons take less time and effort. 1-3 strokes max through the hair will get you completely smooth and free of frizz. Please, no more scorching your hair with your drug store flat irons. There is NO way to heal burnt hair…  So invest in a good iron! GHD is our flat iron of choice at Salon Renew. If you are interested in a new flat iron we would be more than happy to order one for you!

Volume Volume Volume

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Who wants volume? Practically everyone lets be honest. So here it is a step by step on natural volume, no Snooki bump, or Bump it needed. You will need a blow dryer, round brush and Velcro rollers (can be found at Sally’s, we like the ones that are all plastic not fuzzy).
1. Completely dry your hair with a paddle brush
2. Take a section the size of your roller (the cleaner the section the easier it is) toward the top of your head,use your round brush to heat up the section
3. While the hair is still warm roll in your roller starting from the ends
4. Repeat throughout your crown
5. Let your hair cool completely on the roller (do your make up, brush your teeth, or anything else that takes a couple min.)
6. Spray them lightly with hairspray
7. Take out the rollers and obsess over your hair. (While your taking it our don’t freak if it feels like it is stuck its just random hairs not from your section so take your finger and swipe under the roller to get those straggler hairs out of the way.)


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What is balayage?! How do you say it?! What is the difference between balayage and highlights? These are all questions Salon Renew has been asked and we want to get this info out ASAP!! First off, it's pronounced bah-lee-ahzge.

Balayage is a technique where highlights are hand painted giving a natural sun kissed look. This technique mimics the way that nature effects your hair. Think of the young girl with the perfectly sun lightened hair. That is the look that is achieved through balayage.  These highlights are mostly done without foils. This technique is great for someone that wants subtle dimension without the upkeep. Sounds perfect right?! Yes, but there are some things we must tell you…

Balayge is not what you want to ask for if you love the highlights starting at your scalp. In this case you will want to ask for normal foiled highlights. Also because this is a gentler option balayage can tend to have warmer tones.

Above all trust your stylist.  The balayage look can be achieved through different applications. Your stylist will know best if balayaging your hair is going to achieve the result that you are looking for.

Here are some Salon Renew examples!!